Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Way to Return Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have any right to return unwanted goods, only those that are damaged or faulty. However, many retailers will offer either a refund or exchange and many have extended the period in which they will allow returns after Christmas.
Someone doubt about” is it morally wrong to return Christmas presents?” That is an issue for your conscience. However, if you are uncomfortable with the idea but really don’t want the gift, there are ways to make sure it ends up in a more loving home. You could hold a gift-swapping party with friends who have similar unloved presents, or offer the gift up on a website such as Freecycle, which encourages recycling by allowing you to advertise and pass on an item, free, to another person.
Your chances of an exchange or refund is greatly enhanced if you have the receipt or other proof of purchase, such as credit card bill. M&S, for example, will give you a full exchange or refund with a receipt or gift receipt until 15 January if you (or someone else) bought the goods between the 1 October and 12 December.
If you do not have a receipt, M&S will still let you return the goods but only at the current selling price – which could be substantially less than they were bought for if they are now in the sale. Without a receipt, it will also only refund you in the guise of a credit note. Some stores, such as TK Maxx, will not allow you a refund or exchange without a receipt.
If the goods I ordered arrived after Christmas, you can only be certain of a refund if delivery by Christmas was guaranteed by the retailer. Online retailers have up to 30 days to deliver goods unless otherwise agreed, so last-minute shoppers may have been caught out.
If the goods were dispatched directly to you, you can often use the dispatch note as proof of purchase and can get a refund on this basis, depending on the retailer’s terms and conditions.
Amazon, for instance, promises not to tell the gift giver you are returning an unwanted present. It will give you a gift certificate for the value of the goods if you provide the order number that came on the packing slip when the goods were delivered. If you don’t have the slip, you can contact customer service for the order number. You have to provide the sender’s name and email address, and the phone number of the address to which the gift was shipped.
Amazon Items purchased from and dispatched during the period from 1 November 1 to 31 December inclusive may be returned at any time before midnight on 31 January.
John Lewis has no set time limit for the return of unsuitable products, a generous rule that applies all year round. If you can provide proof of purchase or a gift receipt you can get a full refund or exchange. This refund can be put back on to your debit card or be given back in gift vouchers.
TK Maxx’s refund policy is still 14 days instore and 28 days online. For a refund, TK Maxx needs the original purchase receipt, and, if appropriate, the original card used to purchase the item.
Marks & Spencer has extended its returns policy; if you bought between 1 October and 12 December you can get an exchange or refund up until 15 January.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Apple and Samsung Judge Mulls Damages

Apple failed to establish that consumer demand for Samsung products was driven by technology it stole, U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh in San Jose, California, said in her Dec. 17 ruling.While a jury found Samsung infringed six Apple patents, it isn’t in the public interest to ban Samsung’s devices because the infringing elements constituted a limited part of Samsung’s phones, Koh said.
The jury said Aug. 24 at the end of a trial that Samsung should pay $1.05 billion. Apple asked Koh to increase the damages by $536 million, while Samsung says they should be reduced by more than $600 million. Koh, who held a hearing on the matter Dec. 6, has yet to issue a ruling.

“There’s not going to be any knockout punches between these two competitors,” Carl Howe, a Yankee Group analyst, said in a phone interview. “Injunctions can be knockouts. This is going to be a war of money.”

Samsung and Apple, the world’s two biggest smartphone makers, have each scored victories in their patent disputes fought over four continents since Apple accused Asia’s biggest electronics maker of “slavishly copying” its devices. The companies are competing for dominance of a global mobile-device market estimated by Yankee Group at $346 billion this year.

Apple Products
Hours after Koh’s ruling on the sales ban, Samsung, which faces an antitrust probe by European regulators, said it will halt efforts to block sales of Apple products in Europe. The developments in the U.S. and Europe may move the companies closer to settling their global litigation.

“There will be some settlement of some sort and all this stuff is just going to dictate who’s going to provide a bit more money than the other,” said David Long, a patent lawyer with Dow Lohnes PLLC in Washington who’s not involved in the case. “All this court stuff is just posturing.”

After the verdict in San Jose, Apple argued Samsung bet that the benefits of using intellectual property from the iPhone and iPad would outweigh the money damages the jury awarded. Apple urged Koh to approve the sales ban and award additional damages because Samsung took market share from Apple by “deliberately copying the iPhone design,” according to a court filing.

Jury’s Calculations
Kathleen Sullivan, a lawyer for Samsung, contended at the Dec. 6 hearing that the damages should be reduced by more than $600 million. Sullivan said that while the jury’s calculations were precise, the nine-member panel was hampered by a verdict form that, against Samsung’s wishes, wasn’t “particularized” enough to permit jurors to properly arrive at damages on a product-by-product basis.
“You should reverse engineer” to make sure the damages are “causally connected to the evidence,” Sullivan told the judge.

Koh said at the hearing that while the jury was precise and consistent in calculating infringement damages for 28 different Samsung products, the method used by the panel may have been mistaken.

“If there is enough evidence in the record to justify that damage award then that verdict should be upheld,’ Harold McElhinny, a lawyer for Apple, argued to the judge.

Galaxy Smartphones
The patent disputes began when Samsung released its Galaxy smartphones in 2010. Apple’s Jobs, who died Oct. 5, 2011, initiated contact with Samsung over his concerns that the Galaxy phones copied the iPhone, according to testimony from the trial in August.

Jobs later vowed to wage "thermonuclear war" to prove that phones running on Google Inc. (GOOG)’s Android operating system copy the iPhone. Samsung devices use Android.

Apple’s 2011 suit claimed Samsung products infringe four design patents and three utility, or software, patents. While finding infringement of six patents, the jury concluded that Samsung didn’t infringe one patent covering the design of Apple’s iPad tablet computer.


How to Make your computer works fast?

This Article will share the top five way to you.

First, please Keep your laptop running cool. Avoid keeping your laptop directly on a soft surface such as your bed or couch. It needs to be able to breather freely and allow air to circulate. Otherwise, your processor might overheat, causing slow-downs, crashes and even physical damage to components.
Then, Unclutter your hard drive of unnecessary programs and files such as entertainment, games, music, pictures, etc. If you allow them to add up, these files can clog the hard drive and slow it down. If your hard drive is too full, it can also cause problems with your computer’s RAM and processing capability. This can lead to significant slow-downs and frequent crashes.

Third, Get good virus protection. You need to run a good anti-virus program and spyware/adware program at least once a week, if not more. Many people do this every day at start-up. Most of these programs are able to run automatically on their own schedule without your assistance, which can save you a lot of time.
Fourth, Empty the recycle bin regularly. It doesn’t do you a lot of good to delete all that unnecessary junk if it’s just going to sit in your Recycle Bin. No one likes taking out the trash but it needs to be done!

Finally, Erase temporary Internet Files. This cannot be stressed or emphasized enough. Every time you go to a site on the web or open a file, a temporary copy is made and kept in your hard drive. They may be called “temporary” but they’re there for a long time. The more you have on your system, the more they’re going to slow down your laptop. Whether you’re running Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, find out how to clear your browser’s cache, and do it regularly.

Now, Got it? What's your idea?


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

iOS 6 adoption surges after release of Google Maps app

New data shows that since Google launched its iOS mapping application, there has been a 30 percent bump in people upgrading their devices to Apple's newest mobile operating system.

A surge of people adopted Apple's iOS 6 since last week, but it has been months since the latest operating system was released.

This growth in iOS 6 upgrades may not be as random as it sounds. According to TechCrunch, which got data from mobile ad exchange MoPub, iOS adoption has bumped 30 percent since Google Maps released its app for iOS. MoPub surveys more than 1 billion ad impressions a day across more than 12,000 different apps and got its data from seeing users upgrade to iOS 6.

Download and Transfer Google Music to iTunes

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