Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Download and Transfer Google Music to iTunes

Now, Google Music Manager allows you to download your entire library to computer. Make sure you've installed the latest Google Music Manager. Open it and go to Download tab, you'll see Download my library option there. However, you still can't download the Google music to iTunes and share on iPod etc.

Audio Recorder and Audio Recorder for Mac are the best audio recorder and downloader for Mac and Windows with 1:1 quality which allow you to record all your playing music from Google and split into separate music files intelligently. Song identification is also available so that the detailed song information will be attached to the recorded songs.

The Google Music to iTunes Recorder/Downloader allows you to download and transfer Google Music to iTunes by just hitting record and going to play Google Music. More detailed guide just as follows:

Part one: Download Google Music
1: Free download, install and run Google Music to iTunes Tool.
2: Hit the Record Button.
3: Open and Play the Google Music, the Google Music Recorder will begins to record the song instantly.
Part two: Transfer Google Music to iTunes
Go to Library, Click "Add to iTunes" button to transfer selected music to iTunes, and easily listen to it from the playlist called "SAR". To choose multiple Google Music, hold down Ctrl or Shift key while clicking song titles. Right click the title, you can rename the title etc.
Transfer Google Music to iTunes
By default, the output music is in MP3 format. Of course, M4A is selectable in the settings. If you need to transfer these music to your iPod or iPhone for playback, you can select these songs and with one single click to have them added to iTunes.
It is so easy to download Google music to iTunes, you can buy this Google Music Recorder tool to Download Google music and any music from any web for lifetime!

from: http://tutorial.filesatoz.com/download-google-music-to-itunes.html

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